Competition Winners

Congratulations to our competition winners! You can find their stories below.

Age Category 7-11 years


The Lost Girl

The clouds above, as black as an evil heart, were racing past. The storm was coming. The rain was as hard as a bullet through my body. I had to get out of here before lightning electrocuted me. As I looked around, the trees stood tall like soldiers, this gave me the inspiration to fight. I ran down the lane hoping to find somewhere to cover me from the storm.

There it was, a mansion, it looked abandoned as the windows were smashed, the grass was overgrown, it gave me an uneasy feeling, I had to go in. I pushed  the boarded up, heavy door open and peered my head around the corner. It looked empty, surely no one lived here? There were old chairs covered up with sheets and pictures around the fireplace, I wondered why the family that once lived here didn’t take their belongings? 

It was getting late. I was so cold and tired. I looked around for somewhere I could sleep. In one of the rooms I found it to be furnished, there was a bed, a bedside table with a picture on it. I got out of my wet clothes and used sheets for blankets. I couldn’t settle. Doors banged. Floors creaked and a really eerie feeling was around me. I buried my head beneath the sheets, I felt something enter the room, I was so scared I could barely move. The creeks got louder. Closer. I peeked out from under my sheet; my eyes locked on to the only thing I could see. My eyes looking back at me, the pressure from the entity was unbearable. I closed my eyes as tight as I could. When the feeling eased,  I peeked out again the eyes had gone. I jumped out of the bed, my heart pounding, I rushed to the door with force. The entity pushed me back. To my relief, I wasn’t hurt. This made me realise it wasn’t there to hurt me. What could he want? All of a sudden, the picture fell to my feet. It was a man and a little girl. Could the entity be the man? I hesitated, where is the girl? Suddenly the door opened and I was able to walk out of there – I could leave. I headed towards the front door when a shovel appeared, I figured it out that’s what I was meant to do. The door opened, as I looked around, again, it was the eyes staring at me they were near an apple tree. That was my clue and I knew that’s where I had to dig. I couldn’t believe what I saw… there was a body, it was the little girl. I felt deflated; I had never seen a dead body before. 

The weather began to change, the storm had settled and the sun was rising  behind the mansion. I had an overwhelming feeling of happiness as the man and the little girl left together.


The Mystery Murderer

The dark clouds were creeping in, roars of thunder and lightning flashed in my eyes. The storm was as fierce as a lion. I had to find shelter. At the end of the road stud a run down abandoned house, it looked like no one had lived there for years. Curiously, I approached. Lights flickered. Curtains twitched. As much as I didn’t want to, I had to go in.

The unnerving feeling of eyes were upon me through the broken cracks in the walls. I had to relax and try not to think of it as this was the only place I could be. I lit a candle and the wood burner then settled into the rocking chair beside the warmth of the blazing fire. I tried to sleep to pass the time, impossible, doors slammed, floorboards creaked, things moved and the chill in the air was as if someone, something was breathing ice, my hair stood up on end. 

Whispers, down the dark passage, I couldn’t make out what was getting said. I took the candle with me and crept along the passage, nothing about this felt right but I had to make sure that I was safe. I wasn’t. Backed into the corner, looking down at me was a giant, bulky man wearing a black mask, a black suit and a fresh new pair of trainers. He smelt awfully clean, almost too clean then it came to me it was just like the movies he smelt like bleach. I thought he might have cleaned up after hiding a dead body.

He reached into his pocket, it was a knife, the blade startled my eyes from the reflection of the candle. He whispered “It’s the end.” I looked around to see how I could get out alive. There was a gap behind a bookcase. I dropped to my knees so he thought I was cornered and petrified. As quick as a flash, I crawled through his legs and ran towards the bookcase, behind it was a maze of corridors that led me to the kitchen. Before long, the man found me, I grabbed a broken bottle. BANG! I hit him with all my strength, this should give me time to escape. 

I climbed to the top of the building, up the creaky stairs, the wood beneath me braking where I stood, I scrambled to the top to find the attic. I hid behind the door. My heart beating through my chest. Once again, he was there, he shouted, “ YOU HAVE TO DIE, THIS IS THE END.” 

This was my only chance. He was standing in front of a huge broken window. Without thinking, I ran as fast as I could and with all my might I pushed him, just enough for him to lose his balance. To my delight, he fell out of the window. I was relieved, I escaped the murderer, I looked out of the window where the man should have fallen to his death, he was gone….